The truth about the Hopwas copper plates to be posted soon…

Hopwas Woods Exhbition at Tamworth’s Town Hall in Staffordshire (Aug-Sep 2011)


Images below taken by Gwyddion Flint, more information to follow shortly

Click here for ‘Hopwas Woods Exhibition Booklet‘ (featuring articles by Gwyddion Flint, Guy N. Smith, and Mark Lorenzor

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Hopwas (Painted Jonathan Guy ‘Hawkwood’ Map)

The author Guy N. Smith with artist Gwyddion Flint

Artefacts above found at Hopwas Woods: ‘Hopwas Copper Plates’ and  Egyptian statuette – For more info:

Below is the music video of ‘Meshkalina’ filmed in Hopwas Woods by the wonderful D.C. Fontana who lent their props from the video for this exhbition.

More information about this music video here: