GRAPH was originally a two week, self-curated, group exhibition at the Hastings Arts Forum, displaying a selection of contemporary drawings. It was initiated by World Domination Art Collective of which I am a member. All of the drawings on display were quite angular and monochromatic which allowed them to sit together very well visually while curating the show. The exhibition led to a further exhibition at Coventry’s Herbert museum and art gallery under the title Graph II.

The thematic of work on display tended towards the technological intrusion into the home and daily life. One series of works entitled ‘Catagorial Novum’ by Lisa Donovan, are enactments of the theory of emergence, her hand used as a machine, or mechanism -irregularities in execution then becoming the seeds for new patterns.

The theme of emergence in these works seems to have a correspondence with many of my own drawings in which elements begin to emerge from a solid ground and are then allowed to follow whatever path they wish to arise in a kind of ‘automatic drawing’.

My own contributions to this exhibition included ‘Rhizome’, ‘’Neath’, ‘Mare Tenebrarum’ and the larger work ‘Machine my Mother, Machine my Lover.’ Two of these drawings can be seen in the previous Graphite Drawings section of this portfolio with ‘’Neath’ depicted on the right.

It is the first exhibition that I have done in which I visually documented the whole of the show for each of the artists involved.

Artists: Gwyddion Flint, Fenya Sharkey, Lisa Donovan, Jennifer Sassi, Lizzie Hingley, Irene Runayker, Ben Harding


Graph: An exhibition of contemporary drawing is a roaming exhibition which began in Hastings in 2011 and is the brainchild of the artists at World Domination Art Collective (an independent UK-wide arts group that has exhibited in the U.K. and internationally). The exhibition has been created with the hope of inspiring many to take up the pencil or, if well acquainted with this piece of kit, other less traditional methods.

Beginning at Hastings Arts Forum this collection will travel around the country displaying its members’ talents for an underestimated medium before returning south for a series of shows in London.


Lizzie Hingley ‘I work in pen and paint, I create chaotic and ordered patterns with both.’ Website:

Lizzie Hingley

Gwyddion Flint ‘My art explores the nature of truth and authenticity, the fluidity of fact and belief that shapes the world around ourselves. Asking questions of that world, such as: how does myth affect us in our contemporary lives?’ Website:

Gwyddion Flint

Jennifer Sassi ‘I am a brighton based visual artist who uses a range of different materials to explore our human relationship with attraction and aesthetics. I use mechanisms such as nostalgia, ambiguity and raw image to create and question our humanistic attraction and aesthetic processes which are rooted within our consciousness and existence.’

Jennifer Sassi

Lisa Donovan ‘The main impetus of my work is the exploration of our relationship with technology; specifically modern technology.

I believe it is the confusion, the errors, the reluctance, and the creative whims that make up the poetic expressions of humanity. I hope to provide a punctum that causes a moment of self reflection within which we become aware of ourselves as human: as contrary and separate from the technological process and spectacle that surrounds us.

The works that make up the ‘Catagorial Novum’ series are representations of the theory of emergence wherein a simple action, much repeated, results in the creation of extremely complex systems. The human being, in this instance the artist, acts as an unseen organising force giving rhyme and reason to an otherwise mundane activity.’ Website:

Lisa Donovan

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