The character of my graphite drawings is that of the apparition, the fever-dream, and the psychedelic leached of colour. Originally inspired by the fever dreams and hallucinations suffered as a child, drawing became an outlet through which to explore psychological and philosophical questions.

The use of graphite in powder and pencil form creates swirls and eddies on the paper, seen as both light and dark it represents the concept of Eigengrau or ‘Brain Grey’, the colour seen by the mind in the absence of light. I use my hands, fingers, pencils and brushes: whatever I can find to achieve this in a cerebral, yet visceral manner.


Work in Progress, ‘Quicksilver’ (Anima Mundi) Graphite pencil on artist’s board



“Mare Tenebrarum”, graphite powder painting and drawing, 2011

‘Machine my Mother, Machine my Lover’, 2010

”Neath’ Graphite powder painting, 2010










Gwyddion Flint

‘Rhizome’, Graphite powder painting and drawing, 2009