Blue [2008]


I am producing a suite of photographic images based around the British urban myth that is Bragolin’s ‘Crying Children’.  Accompanying the images will be text telling the story of the urban myth and contextual poetry – this text written on material reminiscent of those in the images, burnt paper, wood etc – and a fire extinguisher on a plinth.  Just in case!

Bruno Amadio, popularly known as Bragolin, is the creator of a group of paintings made of crying children, the most famous of which is known as Bragolin’s Blue Boy’. The paintings, which feature a variety of tearful children looking morosely straight ahead, are believed by some to be cursed, the curse causing the owner of the painting’s house to burn down.


1. Five images set into frames, the frames being a centimetre and a half thick.

2. Water-based fire extinguisher on plinth set away from wall, (extingusher contains text).

3. Accompanying text on burnt paper, mounted to wall with clothes’ pins which hold paper away from wall.