A conversation with no conclusion














Shifting Origins

Moving further and further away from our natural origins and towards an insectile future. This not-so-fairytale world where we communicate by text message and a six-sense called the internet rather than face-to-face, where the only uniqueness we have is a fingerprint and a number with which to identify ourselves with is almost upon us…

One day soon the human race will wake up and realise that like Franz Kafka’s character Gregor Samsa, we have all turned into cockroaches.

Should we really be living in these termite-mounds we call cities that constantly pump gases and wastes into the little natural-environment we have left, the environment that bore us as a young species, giving us everything we need to survive?  Is there still time to reclaim it for the willing?

This exhibition explores the concepts of millennialism, totalitarianism, and the loss and replacement of ‘real’ identities through commodification.  Gwyddion Flint




List of Artworks



1. Bragolin, photographs, sandblasted frames, Gwyddion Flint, 2008



2. We Have Ways…, graphite drawing on paper, sandblasted frame, tar, GwyddionFlint, 2009

3. With No Clear Beginning and with Very Little Sense of Where Anything Might End, Photocopies mounted on foam-board, Varnish, coloured paper, coloured ink, Behjat Omer, 2009

4. To Be Is To Have, Photography mounted on foam-board, varnish,Behjat Omer, 2009


Rendition5. Rendition, Photographs, sandblasted frames, Gwyddion Flint, 2009

Artwaves Burslem

6. Phobos, plaster, tar, copper, wire, on canvas, Gwyddion Flint, 2007

7. Untitled, mixed media, Behjat Omer, 2009


8. Cleanliness is next to… photograph, sandblasted frame, Gwyddion Flint, 2009

9. Helicopter II, graphite drawing on watercolour board, mounted on foam-board, Gwyddion Flint, 2008




10. Machine my Mother Machine My Lover, graphite drawings on watercolour board mounted on foam-board, Gwyddion Flint, 2009



11. Loves Faithful Afflictions,mixed media, Gwyddion Flint, 2007 (Hebrew Text Reads: “I Know, O Lord, that thy judgements are right, and that in faithfulness hast afflicted me.”



12. Hive, mixed media, red LEDs, honey,  electronic sound, Gwyddion Flint, 2008

13. To Be Continued…, Projected Film, 7.30mins, Behjat Omer,2009

14. On/Off, Photocopy, paint, varnish, rear-mounted light with switch, Behjat Omer, 2009