Love’s Faithful Afflictions (2007) Acrylic, copper wire,plaster, tar wood, paper, ink This artwork contains Hebrew which reads: “I know, O Lord, that thy judgements are right, and that in faithfullness hast afflicted me.”… Continue reading

Installation: Ultima Thule

Ultima Thule: …Here the medium of installation becomes a receptacle for the narrative of a Faustian traveller, gripped by romantic myths of freedom despite a genuine desire for a truth unfettered. Even so,… Continue reading

Common Ground [Hanley Park Arts Festival]

Common Ground arts event filmed at Hanley Park on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th June ’10, Stoke-on-Trent by the artist Behjat Abdulla. In it I became The Green Man for a little while for… Continue reading

Self Portraits / Performance

This Jolly Anthropomorphism

“We will live in this world, which for us has all the disquieting strangeness of the desert and of the simulacrum, with all the veracity of living phantoms, of wandering and simulating animals… Continue reading

Installation: SOFTMACHINE

“Man is a soft machine, a flexible suit with holes stuffed with threads and tubes serving for nothing but tenderness and to be warmer than air…” Exherpt from the poem entitled ‘Mens’ (Human)… Continue reading

Archive –

Gwyddion Flint: This exhibition explores the concepts of millennialism, totalitarianism, and the loss and replacement of ‘real’ identities.


  This was a project in which I produced a suite of photographic images based around the British urban myth that is Bragolin’s ‘Crying Children’. Bruno Amadio, popularly known as Bragolin, is the… Continue reading