Gwyddion Flint is a British writer, visual artist and educator, occasionally dabbling with experimental music and soundscapes. He has exhibited his artwork nationally in the U.K. and is now beginning to exhibit internationally, along with his poetry and other writing.

His artwork is heavily influenced by Buddhism, science and Jungian psychology. Previous works have included psycho-geographical and hoax art elements, such as the Hopwas Project, where he buried two copper plates and other occult artifacts in a Staffordshire woodland that were later found and written about in local newspapers and online, sparking interest into the woodland’s past both locally and internationally. Despite some of the more elaborate artworks and installations that he has created he always comes back to pencil drawing and poetry as his main source of inspiration.

His poetry is primarily created as spoken word works to be accompanied by experimental soundscapes and imagery, both live and recorded. The film ‘Brutalist’, a contemporary dance and spoken word film was created by ‘Collabs’, a London based platform (headed by producer Dan Lowenstein) for arts collaboration of all kinds, utilising the poem ‘In the City of My Body’ to create an experimental film and dance work in 2018.

He has also collaborated with David Tibet from the experimental band ‘Current 93’ in creating a sound installation in the south of England.

A link to his first book of poetry and philosophy, ‘A Hymn to Proteus’ can be found below.

He teaches and practices vipassana meditation which he studied while living in a Buddhist monastery for a year and later while travelling in Thailand and India, where he also learned many other yogic practices, which he mainly uses to stay sane while writing. Gwyddion is currently teaching in Vietnam and is writing another poetry book alongside his first two novels.

He is also looking out for animators and illustrators to collaborate with on a new spoken word project and book, focusing on the philosophy of systems theory, biotechnology and emergence.

‘The real art is in your head, the real practice your life’.

Poetry and Writing:

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